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Your CV: Top Tips, Template & Review

Curriculum Vitae With Priority Recruitment
Your CV

Here at Priority Recruitment we know that whilst you may be an amazing Coffee Shop Manager, a high performing Retail Sales Consultant or a fantastic Vehicle Technician, this doesn't make you a fantastic CV writer. Whilst we value talking to people and getting to know the real you, a CV is still a valuable tool and likely to form the cornerstone of your wider search.

Our team put their heads together to assemble a list of top tips for people like yourself in our specialist sectors.

Top Tips: 
  1. Eye-Catching Personal Statement with aims, objectives and ambitions
  2. ​Don’t just describe what you did, bullet point how you did it and what you achieved (Outcome / Numbers / Targets)
  3. Highlight your career achievements
  4. Update your CV before beginning your job search, approximately 1 in 4 of cv's we receive is out of date
  5. Ensure you use accurate months to identify your employment (use months, not just years, however no need to use specific days)
  6. If you have a broad range of experience in multiple sectors (i.e. hospitality then moved into retail) ensure your cv is tailored towards the role you are applying for
  7. Spelling, grammar and formatting mistakes are just not acceptable.  Ensure you use the same font throughout (Arial 10 for example) with Arial 12 in bold for headings.  Keep it simple!
  8. Stand out with facts, figures & achievements - not pictures and infographics. Keep it simple!
  9. Keep it relevant, jobs over 10/15 years ago can be abbreviated down to 1 or 2 lines of key info.  Stick to 2 or 3 pages.  Keep it simple!
  10. Keep it simple! Did we mention? Keep it simple! 

Download our CV Template which contains additional tips & formatting hints using the link below; 

Register now on our website, it's easy to go back and upload your refreshed CV later.  

Once you've followed the tips above, maybe even had a crack at the template and you are ready for one of our specialists to look over your cv and provide free advice, please visit our "Meet The Team" page and send to the most relevant consultant.  Not sure who to pick? Just forward your CV to and our team will direct your query to the most relevant specialist consultant. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Priority Recruitment Team