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Digital Marketing Executive

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​As the world progresses into the digital age, companies have also progressed. Marketing no longer takes place in newspapers, or on the streets. We are part of the online revolution, and the marketing industry has evolved to meet those new, online standards.

Due to the shift to online, there are several different types/methods of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing – this type of marketing is, you guessed it, based on social platforms such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. This type of role is more focused upon growing the follower count, improving a company’s reach and ensuring ROI on campaigns you run on those platforms. 

Mobile Marketing – any marketing that executes campaigns or advertisement via application, in-game, location-based and in game purchases on a device.

Affiliate Marketing – this is where one business will allow another business to sell products via their website or platform. The affiliate will get paid some form of commission or bonus for each customer who is brought to the website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – Developing and executing strategies which will increase the number of visitors to a website by achieving high-ranking placements in search engine’s (such as Google) results.

Pay-per-click Campaigns (PPC) – sponsoring your product or service alongside top search results.

These methods of digital marketing can be all be incorporated into one role, or they can be individual roles. For example, an SEO officer can be a role entirely to itself, or it can be incorporated into a Digital Marketing Executive role, along with social media management, mobile marketing and PPC campaigns.

Digital marketing roles can also be rife with opportunity to progress. Unlike some other roles, the progression path is clear. Some executive level roles will be filled with a company for a year or two, and you can then progress into a Digital Marketing Management position which, over time may lead you to becoming Marketing Director for the company.


Huddersfield is a significant market town located in the metropolitan borough of Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Its population of around 165,000 are conveniently located between Wakefield, Leeds and Sheffield and just over 20 miles north of Manchester. 
Home to super league rugby team the Huddersfield Giants, and championship football side Huddersfield Town. 

Known for its victorian architecture, Huddersfield has a Grade1 listed railway station that was described as "the most splendid station façade in England" by John Betjeman.  

Huddersfield is home to well loved brand Mamas & Papas, as well as major employers such as Hoyer Petrolog, Mavisbank and Thornton & Ross. 

Despite being a large commuter town, Huddersfield has a thriving retail & Hospitality industry that Priority Recruitment has served for over 7 years.