Location: Bolton Salary: Competitive
Sector: IT Specialism:
Type: Permanent - Full Time Contact: Panache Cruises Recruitment Team

Web Development Manager – Competitive salary. 

  • Fully accountable and responsible for the performance of the Panache Cruises Website

  • Managerial responsibility for a team of marketing executives, developers, ECRM and Social Media Manager

  • Ensure site speed and functionality is always optimised  

  • Design, develop and implement a company ecommerce strategy

  • Develop Social media engagement strategy in line with business objectives

  • Create comprehensive offline and online marketing strategy


Panache Cruises

Our Mission is to make our cruise customers’ experiences the best in the industry through unique customer engagement, exemplary customer service and by creating bespoke cruise holidays that inspire and exhilarate.

The business is set to be both responsive and fast-moving in its approach, and we are now ready to establish a dynamic and motivated team in which everyone will embody and live to our core values: abound energy, show a passion to succeed, take pride in what we do, be courteous and respectful, demonstrate professional integrity, be mindful of our environment; and enjoy our work in delivering exceptional luxury cruise holidays.

The spirit of Panache Cruises will be all about its people.  We fundamentally believe that it will be the team at Panache Cruises that will differentiate us as a business and drive our success.  Our ambition is to ensure that we drive a culture that feels excited and motivated by the company’s progression and the career opportunities available, whilst operating in an environment in which they feel valued and engaged.

In order to establish a highly energised and motivated team from the outset, we will be offering competitive bases salaries, incredible commission schemes and eventually a highly rewarding bonus scheme.  And, not only that but we will send our people around the word on cruise fam trips, provide generous travel discounts and concessions, together with all the other important employee benefits, such as pensions and employee support hubs.

In short – we will be offering the best – because we want the best!

So, if you are up for a new challenge – and you’re not scared of working hard and you can commit to our 100% customer-centric culture - then jump on board, wave goodbye to the old and set sail to exciting new horizons.