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HR Function Recruitment since 2012.

Here at Priority Recruitment, Human Resources knowledge and recruiting expertise is everything. 

Priority Recruitment are establishing themselves as one of the UK’s leading HR Recruitment partners, teaming up with employers big and small throughout the UK.

Our team is made up of HR recruitment specialists who have a genuine passion for the sector; all of our HR team are CIPD level 5 qualified or at least 75% of the way through the course (In some cases funded by Priority Recruitment) in addition to a minimum of 5 years recruitment experience and therefore are well equipped to advise and guide our clients through the recruiting process. Hiring anyone into your HR Function, whether Payroll, HR Administrator, HRBP, L&D Manager or HR Director is a critical decision as this individual will not only be part of your core business functions but will also interact with, guide, influence and support so many of your wider team.

Understanding the importance of this individual to your business is why we will go above and beyond to find the perfect candidate to enhance your business.


Let's not kid ourselves, 2020 has been tough for most businesses.  Finances are tight.  You don't want to be guessing about the cost of this critical HR placement into your business, you might even be hiring to replace the person that dealt with these costs! So as we all struggle out of 2020 and into 2021 together we want to keep this simple for you; For the remainder of the pandemic our HR Recruitment prices* will be fixed at these low prices; 

  • HR Administrators & Similar roles - FT equivalent salaries upto £22,500 - Fixed fee of £1250+Vat

  • HR Generalist, HR Manager & Similar roles - FT equivalent salaries £22,501>£32,500 - Fixed fee of £2500+Vat

  • HRBP & Similar roles - FT equivalent salaries £32,501>£49,999 - Fixed fee of £3250+Vat

  • HR Director & Similar roles - FT equivalent salaries of £50,000+ - Fixed fee of £4250+Vat

Standard Terms for this offer; Invoice raised on start day, 14 day payment terms, 12 weeks free replacement period.  

*Your account manager will be happy to confirm these rates in our modified terms of business in advance of working on your vacancy. 

Lets Talk!

To setup a no obligation chat with one of our team please email; for all general HR roles

or for L&D specific roles

We are looking to engage with great companies, whether a one off immediate need or a long term ongoing need, we hope that the relationships we build today with both clients and candidates will last a lifetime.