Covid-19 Corona Virus Emergency Recruitment

Here at Priority Recruitment using our recruiting expertise to support you is everything. 

Priority Recruitment has established themselves as one of the UK’s Leading Recruitment partners, whilst typically working long term with our valued clients, we have also gained a reputation for crisis response recruitment.  In the last year we have teamed up with national clients to rapidly scale their teams at times of urgent need and teamed with some of our long-term partners to resolve crisis situations where entire departments needed recruiting.

During this difficult time nationally, as some of our long-term partners in hospitality and retail take a pause on their recruitment activities, we have a well-structured scalable team able to respond to your C-19 induced recruitment crisis.  Our team possess a wealth of experience in recruitment and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in sourcing right now for your business.  Our senior team are used to taking briefs in multiple sectors and our resourcing team is adept at flexing their resourcing techniques to match the needs of clients.  Our team have experience in recruiting; Warehousing, Logistics, Drivers, Pickers & Packers, Healthcare, Labouring, Call Centres, Administration, Temporary Workers and many many more. 

We are not looking to price gouge in these trying times, we want to offer you reasonably priced recruitment that will allow your business to continue trading & supporting your clients/customers. 

IN addition to our traditional role of permanent recruitment (candidates screened, qualified and interviewed,  giving you access to the best candidates for the role, saving you time and money in advertising.) we can also offer; 

  • Staff Payroll support (We can pay your staff weekly , freeing up vital cashflow)
  • Temp supply (Access to a skilled workforce for short term support in busy periods)

We are well setup to ride out the coming months,  we have a broad workforce, all with remote working capabilities and an investment in IT facilities over the last few years means any transition from our (currently healthy) office to working from home will have no impact on our ability to deliver for our clients. 

To find out how we can support your business, call us on 0161 833 4094 or email 

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