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Why a Candidate Should Work With Recruitment Agencies

Why a Candidate Should Work With Recruitment Agencies

Posted by on 2/09/2021
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​Recruitment agencies are those guys who ring you telling you about how they’ve “came across your CV on CV Library” and that you’d be perfect for a position that they’re recruiting for. Yes, we’ve all received those calls and voicemails!

So, why answer? What benefits are in it for you?


1. A tailored job search experience


Recruiters will listen to your queries, your worries about a role, what exactly it is that you’re looking for and will try their utmost to meet those requirements.


2. It doesn’t cost you anything!


A common misconception of prospective candidates is that the recruitment agency will make their money out of you, or skim some money from the top of your salary. That’s not true. Recruitment agencies will not profit from you directly, only through a one off payment from the company you start with – as a charge for services.


3. The opportunity to sharpen your skills


At Priority Recruitment, we offer the opportunity to sharpen your skills. This is usually an over the phone exercise where we ring you one-to-one and go through interview techniques, CV writing skills and general one-to-one support. Having someone going the extra mile for you, teaching you new techniques and methods and giving you knowledge of what that employer is going to be looking for, is priceless.


4. They will fight your corner


When you do get placed with an employer, they will usually make an offer in terms of contract and salary. Having the recruiter fighting your corner to get you the best possible result is extremely beneficial as you may not have the know-how or confidence to do it yourself after an offer is made.


The bottom line is that there really isn’t any down side to working with an agency as a candidate. It’s an extra, expert helping hand with your job search which could make the difference to you finding that job, or not.

What are you waiting for? Give it a chance.