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Prioritise Your Happiness - Work/Life Balance

Prioritise Your Happiness - Work/Life Balance

Posted by on 8/09/2021
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​This series has been created to break down different aspects of happiness; in particular, your happiness at work. Our fourth instalment of this series is going to look at a work/life balance – What is it? Why is it important?


Work/life balance is a constantly evolving term which describes the balance you have between your work and your ‘real’ life – go figure. So, just to delve slightly deeper into that (as if you needed it) – someone who doesn’t switch off from work, doesn’t spend time with their family or friends and ultimately exclusively just works, would be an example of someone with a poor work/life balance – I’m sure you’ve seen the LinkedIn posts of individuals glorifying their burnout work-style. Equally, someone with no work ethic who hardly ever works, also has a poor work/life balance – I’m sure you’ve seen them hanging around your local co-op on a Tuesday morning.


It’s always been seen as relatively important to keep a work/life balance, but possibly more so in recent times – yep, I’m going to say it: because of the Coronavirus Pandemic – sorry.


Although it’s always been seen as important, that importance has seemingly been expedited by the pandemic and the introduction of the work from home model. At the risk of repeating myself from the “working from home the new bonus?” article I wrote a little while ago – people have started to see the attraction of companies who offer remote working, or hybrid models. These new, more forward facing models are huge selling points to millions of workers in the UK.


According to an article on, over 60% of UK companies have chosen to adopt the hybrid model – a perfect example of behaviour breeding behaviour and companies adapting to the changes they’ve been presented with.


With over 60% of UK companies participating, the change in work routine must have more benefits, in addition to the behavioural ones. The promotion of more time at home than we used to get and the further promotion of a healthier work/life balance is leaving employees satisfied with their job and feeling their company’s work schedule matches their own and indeed, wider society’s views on it.


So, ask yourself - are your company’s values aligned with your own in terms of a work/life balance? Are you seeing other companies chopping and changing to meet the needs of their employee’s happiness and feeling as though you’ve been left behind a little?


With the majority of companies in the UK now adopting hybrid work models and that’s what you’re looking for, there really isn’t any excuse to settle for anything less than what makes you happy.


Prioritising your happiness should always take priority – if you feel as though you’d benefit from a hybrid model, and your work/life balance and job satisfaction would improve with a little less time in the office, then don’t hesitate!


Let us prioritise your happiness – get in touch.