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How Important are Your Colleagues? (PSPYH)

How Important are Your Colleagues? (PSPYH)

Posted by on 15/09/2021
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This series has been started and has continued to help you, the reader, identify the factors that make up your happiness at work and really dig in to investigate what they are and why they’re important.


So, what makes up a good colleague? As with all of these Prioritise Your Happiness blogs, it’s all subjective – depending on you and your situation, different factors of a colleague’s personality will have different effects on an individual – what do you value?


Depending on your job, different personality traits in a colleague will fit different roles. If you are in marketing, an ideal colleague would be someone creative; someone you can bounce ideas off, learn from and create with. On the flip side, if you’re in a sales oriented role, having a goal oriented office, full of motivated (target based) individuals will benefit you more.


It may also be helpful to note that what you value in a work colleague can be vastly different to what you value in a personal friend – behaviour, especially in the workplace, is infectious and helps you learn, become better, and ultimately happier as a result.


A good social atmosphere can be make or break in a job. No, by social atmosphere, I don’t mean everyone partying and having a laugh – I mean the atmosphere having a positive impact on your role within the company. That atmosphere, again, is subjective depending on what you value. Having individuals around you who are supportive, communicative, friendly, can be the difference between wanting to get out of bed in the morning or not.


Now, this is usually the point in the blog where I explain how you can improve your scenario. Well, you can’t, really. You can’t change an atmosphere, you can’t change an individual and their personality – you aren’t in control of that. But, you are in control of where you work and who you work with.


It’s pretty much impossible to fully gauge exactly how an office operates, socially, at your initial interview – other than first impressions. That is usually the case, unless you take control of the situation – you value the social aspect in an office? Ask about it! There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from asking the interviewer something along the lines of: “How would you describe the social dynamic in the office?” – the interviewer has no reason to lie about the environment you’ll be working in, he/she, like you, wants you to fit in with the group and thrive from the right atmosphere.


Another way of ensuring you fit the dynamic and gain value through your colleagues is by sourcing your next role through a recruitment agency. However, not every agency will give you that amount of attention to detail, ensuring your success wherever you’re placed.


Here at Priority, we believe in the personal aspect of the recruitment process and value what you value.


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