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Are you valued at work? (PSPYH)

Are you valued at work? (PSPYH)

Posted by on 21/09/2021
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​This week, we’re delving deeper into value; what it means to be valued, what makes up someone being/feeling valued and why it’s so important to your happiness at work.


Feeling valued at work is an integral part of your happiness in the workplace. Feeling as though the work you’re doing surpasses just working to each payslip, feeling like you’re more than just a cog in the machine and you’re really making a difference to your company’s goals, and indeed your own. Not feeling valued in your role can be unbearable; leading you to not feeling fulfilled and working from payslip to payslip which, obviously, isn’t sustainable.


As always, the factors that make up you feeling valued are subjective. Depending on what you value and what makes you happy, factors which make up your feeling of being valued at work will differ.


Being valued can mean so many things, personally and professionally. The job that you’re doing can feel valuable to a company, your role may be essential to a company’s success and growth – this is professional value. On the other hand, the way you deliver that role, the personal touches you add, your motivation, determination, things personal to you – that’s personal value. This blog looks to explore more along the lines of personal value, and how that feeling of being valued can fluctuate depending on behaviours.


The first of these behaviours we’re going to look into is recognition. Recognition is a broad term, covering anything from being praised for the job you’re doing, to being criticised for it. Whether it’s positive, or ‘negative’, recognition can have an impact on you feeling personally valued within the company. Positive criticism can show the company’s intention to improve your input and show they really do care about the work you’re producing – they value it. Praise leads to you feeling valued for obvious reasons, you’ve done a great job and they’re physically showing you that you’re valued.


Another behaviour we’re looking into is fair pay. Now, by fair pay I don’t mean them giving you an obscene amount of money for the work you do, as the amount you’re paid doesn’t always equate to how valued you are/feel. I’m talking about an array of points, often businesses will have bonus packages, pay rises and schemes in place to ensure you are rewarded for good work – leaving you with physical evidence (money) to your value within the company.


Being given support as and when you need it is also a huge help toward feeling valued. Having someone go through the effort of putting a support system in place for you and your development/happiness, leaves you feeling like a valued member of the team.


In conclusion, there are infinite ways of feeling valued at work. It can be the above behaviours, something as big as a promotion or something as little as someone including you in the tea run. We all respond differently to different scenarios.


If you feel as though you’re not valued at work, if you feel you could be in a better scenario within work than where you’re at now – get in touch with us.


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