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Why an Employer Should Work with an Agency

Why an Employer Should Work with an Agency

Posted by on 27/08/2021

​The job market continues to develop, evolve and change every day. Having someone recruiting on your behalf can be especially useful due to these circumstances, an expert in the market who can give you a competitive edge when it comes to who you’re bringing in.

This blog seeks to act as a step-by-step guide as to why you should be using a recruiter when it comes to bringing a new person in.


1. Market expertise

Although you may work in the industry and have experience with recruiting for your own team, the individuals that you may find in a recruitment agency specialise in ‘what good looks like.’ Recruiters’ job on a day-to-day basis is to analyse candidates, determine who’s a good fit and put them forward (in a nutshell).


2. Takes the pressure off 

Instead of being solely responsible for the recruitment of the position, you’re able to offload that responsibility onto someone that you’re confident will not only fill the position, but find someone who makes a great fit.


3. Recruiters are more than just job providers

Recruiters can be partners with you throughout your company’s surge. When you think of it with an eye for the long-term, a recruitment agency is able to continuously help you to improve your workforce on an indefinite basis – once that relationship is there.


4. Bringing the job to life

People love people. Writing a job advert for your own company can lead to a very black and white version of the role. Recruitment agencies take the time to really sell the job to a candidate; calling them, really engaging with the role, telling them about the benefits of working with your company etc.


5. They want your success!

 It’s in the recruiters’ best interest to place candidates, they want your success. That drive to succeed leaves you with no lingering doubt as to whether or not they’re motivated to place someone with you.


6. Increased Visibility

 As well as all of the above, recruiters have access to databases of millions of potential candidates for your role – creating a huge talent pool at their (your) fingertips. When you compare this to the potential talent pool that may be available to you, you’ll immediately notice a difference.


The moral of the story being that working with a recruiter can be beneficial for both parties.

We hope this listicle has helped you determine some of the benefits of using an agency.