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Prioritise Your Happiness - Progression

Prioritise Your Happiness - Progression

Posted by on 1/09/2021
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​Even if you are in an industry you love, doing a job you love, it’s highly unlikely that you want to continue to do that job for the rest of your days. You want to progress, you want to gain importance and feel valued wherever you are. That’s why progression is such an integral part of our happiness in the workplace. Are you prioritising it?


So, ask yourself – Do you have, wherever you work, a clear and realistic progression path? If you don’t, then ask yourself, why not? Why are you limiting your importance in a company?


In most jobs, employee retention and motivation is largely down to having a clear path of progression in front of them – having something to work toward sometimes makes all the difference.


The topic of pay rises and promotions can often be a field that can prove to be difficult to navigate. How can you go about bringing this up with your line manager, while mitigating your chances of failure?


Think about how long you’ve been at the company; according to 'workopolis,' 18-24 months is the average period of time that we wait before being promoted. Any time after this point is when you think about either moving on, or having this proposed conversation with your manager.


-       Compile a list of all your accomplishments since joining the company. A lot of achievements can fly under the radar when we achieve them individually, but when we address them as a collective, they seem carry considerably more weighting.


-       What do you want? You’d be surprised how many people will go into the conversation and not actually convey the message that they went in to deliver. Share the vision of where you want to be in five years’ time, align yourself with the values of the company and show your long-term intent and commitment.


-       Be assertive. If you’re confident you’ve done enough to warrant a promotion, adhere to the list you’ve made of your accomplishments and ask for what you want. It’s easy for you to go into the meeting and be given the run-around with promises and theoretical scenarios.


In the unfortunate scenario where you aren’t successful, your achievements haven’t been recognised and you aren’t satisfied with your current situation, it may be time to move on. In which case, a recruitment agency may be your answer, someone working on your behalf and fighting your corner for that promotion or raise.

Priority Recruitment is here to fight your corner.

Feel free to get in touch if your route to progression hasn’t worked out with your current employer.