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Kickstart Scheme - Our Involvement

Kickstart Scheme - Our Involvement

Posted by on 14/07/2021
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​If you belong to the 16-24 demographic, chances are that you haven’t had a career job yet; perhaps you may have some experience in a bar, shop or some part-time work, but no real experience in a job you would like to do for the duration of your career.

The first job is always, always the most difficult to get. This could be due to an array of factors: the current work climate; less jobs to go round, or maybe higher competition for an individual role, but mainly it’s because your fellow candidates, and ultimately your fellow successful candidate, has done something to stand out that his/her peers haven’t. That ‘standing out’ can be one of a number of things, but usually it’s because the successful candidate has had more experience in the role than you. This scenario happens all too often to this age group in particular, and has birthed the rather well-known phrase:


“How am I expected to get experience in a role when every role that I apply for requires experience?”


Well, you’ll perhaps find solace in the fact that this issue has been apparent for a long time now. For years, it has meant stifling the development of our younger generation - employers just don’t seem to be willing to use their own resources to train and develop someone from the ground up. In short: it’s much easier (and cheaper) to hire someone who already knows how to do the job.

The government have recognised this as an issue and created the ‘Kickstart’ programme. The scheme aims to combat against inexperience in the 16-24 demographic and to give them the relevant experience and skills to become more attractive to prospective employers. The scheme, originally set up in September 2020, lasts for six months and is designed to aid younger people in gaining employment.

 Here at Priority, we believe in investing our time in worthwhile ventures; whether that be through finding candidates their perfect job, or investing in the next generation of workers, we’re invested in the development of our employees and candidates alike. This is why we’re proud to announce our involvement and commitment to the ‘Kickstart’ scheme.

“With the Kickstarter scheme, if the Kickstarter doesn’t stay with us post placement, we’ve failed. Our intention is to offer employment to good candidates after the placement finishes – always.”

-Anders Christiansen, Managing Director, Priority Recruitment

Of course, like with any placement with an employer, there is a chance you can be kept on after your six month placement. Dependant on your performance, your progression and how well you’ve settled over your employment with the company, you may just have found the first step on your career ladder.

This is the beauty of the scheme, in all it’s glory. In just six months, you’ve went from being totally inexperienced in your chosen industry to an experienced employee in demand; from having no doors open to numerous; from no choices to a potential permanent job offer.

All that’s stopping you, is you!