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Kickstart Scheme - Introducing Adam

Kickstart Scheme - Introducing Adam

Posted by on 22/07/2021
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Adam, 19, is one of our recruitment resourcers here at Priority. A product of our involvement with the Kickstart scheme, the Oldham lad has been with us for four months now.

After finishing college, Adam wasn’t sure he wanted to continue in an academic setting, so took up a job in a warehouse for 18 months post-college. Unfortunately, the warehouse closed down and Adam was forced to resign.

At a loose end and unsure of his direction, Adam decided to pursue a degree in photography at the University of Salford. This, he says, was fantastic and he really enjoyed the creative elements that the course offered. However, after being in a work atmosphere for a period of time, he found it difficult to readjust to the academic environment and returned to the world of work and job searching.

That’s when Adam found the Kickstart scheme.

Full of praise for the scheme, Adam explains: “It’s absolutely perfect for combatting against the lack of experience when applying to career jobs.”

Adam was intrigued by a career in recruitment and decided to apply to Priority. After speaking with his now manager, Kieron, he was invited to an interview.

After storming through his interview stage, Adam was offered the job on the spot.

So, we’re 4 months in, how’s it going?

“I’ve enjoyed every single second of being at Priority,” he tells me. “I have a real sense of belonging here, something I haven’t had anywhere else. The team are like one big family.”

Adam, you’re breaking our hearts here!

At the beginning of his placement, Adam found it difficult to handle objections and his nerves when speaking to candidates or clients. Through his four month tenure with Priority, his confidence has grown exponentially; handling objections left, right and centre with no thought to his previous nervous self.

Adam goes on to tell me about discovering his passion for communicating with people on a day-to-day basis.


"I remember a time after finishing work, maybe after my third or fourth week, and just absolutely beaming in the car. I had maybe two or three different conversations that day which were about 20 minutes each, but I really connected on a deeper level with those candidates.”


As with all Kickstarters, the work placement will last six months. Adam has expressed his feelings about staying with Priority post-placement: “I’d obviously love to stay here,” he tells me. “I could go either way, but this is the beauty of the scheme; it’s giving you the option of staying put or taking the skills you’ve learnt and applying them elsewhere.”

As covered in our ‘Kickstart Scheme: Our Involvement’ blog, our intention with every Kickstarter is to keep them on after their placement.


“Adam's natural drive and thirst for knowledge was evident from his first day in the business, it is so evident that Adam is not here just to tick away time or earn a few quid, but really wants to get to grip with the processes, not just internally, but most importantly, of our clients so that he is best placed to resource the ideal employees for our them.


“I have no doubt that his natural hunger will see him continue to be successful and I hope that success will be in my team.”

-       Kieron Smithson, Head of Retail, Priority Recruitment


Adam has been, and is continuing to be, an excellent addition to our team.

Well done, Adam! Keep it up!