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Ask the Experts - Healthcare

Ask the Experts - Healthcare

Posted by on 29/07/2021
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Working in healthcare is no easy task. Long hours, demanding workload and can, of course, sometimes be upsetting to those involved. But, even with these risks, the reward you get from working in healthcare is unparalleled; the success stories, the enjoyment and happiness you’re able to bestow on someone else and their quality of life are aspects of the job you’re hard pressed to find in other lines of work. 

So how can you be part of this rewarding industry? What kind of buzz words do employers look for when interviewing for care-led roles? This blog post looks to delve deeper into what different areas of the healthcare industry look for when recruiting for new roles.

Here at Priority Recruitment, we have three specialist recruiters as part of the healthcare team for England: Mike, Carl and Alex, whose combined knowledge will make up your guiding light for this article. With any luck, the content provided to you here will help you gain employment, or at least a better insight to ‘what good looks like’ to employers within the healthcare sector.

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, is the passion for what you do; care coming first; really believing in what you’re doing; seeing it as vocational, not just a job. Caring for others who may have degenerative disorders, traumatic pasts or mental health issues is not for the faint-hearted.

Most employers will look for experience within the industry. After all, you wouldn’t want to be cared for by someone who hadn’t done something similar before, so it’s only appropriate that employers wouldn’t want that for their clients either. That’s why Priority will only put candidates forward who fit that same, experienced mould.

Being reliable and available is a highly sought-after characteristic in the healthcare industry. Here at Priority, when we place a candidate with a client, knowing that you will be there on time and punctual is a big green tick for an employer – plus it’ll lead to you being toward the top of the list for future shifts.

A break-off from reliability/availability is flexibility. An aspect of working within the healthcare sector is that there aren’t hours that suffering, or a need for care cease to exist – because of this, unsociable hours, weekend shifts and emergency cover are more or less incorporated into the routine.

Patience is a virtue. As part of the job, you can expect to be caring for individuals with a spectrum of disabilities and illnesses, and that spectrum is vast. Some may require less care than others, some significantly more, but all will require some form of patience.

A very simple one to add, but a very effective characteristic nevertheless – Kindness and empathy. Now; any old Tom, Dick or Harry can put this on their CV, this is something you’ll need to be able to demonstrate to the employer in your interview. Manners cost nothing and it’s sure to leave a great impression in any job.


Good luck!