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Preparing For A Video Interview

Preparing For A Video Interview

Posted by Tom Back on 25/02/2021
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​It is no secret the COVID pandemic has forced organisations to adapt to new ways of working with technology playing a huge role in all aspects of our “new norm”.

A survey conducted by LinkedIn showed that 81% of talent professionals agreed that virtual recruiting will continue past COVID and 70% believe it will become the new standard.

So, what does that mean for you when attending an interview? Sure, there are some similarities to a traditional face-to-face meeting, however there are some vital finer details that you may overlook which all count to making that lasting first impression.


Things To Consider …


Remove Distractions
Confine and immerse yourself in a secluded area where there are little to no chance of distractions occurring. Ensure anyone in the household is aware of your video interview and where you will be to avoid a mishap. Make sure your Dogs are well walked and fed is another useful tip!

Appropriate Background
Keep your backdrop either simple or appropriately creative, most applications such as Zoom, Teams and Skype offer the opportunity to create your own digital background, blurring out reality if this is not possible.

Room Lighting
A very important factor in a video interview, nobody wants to have to battle with dark shadows or sunlight distorting your visibility and risk effecting the interview. Ensure to choose a well-lit location, which may include a key light that shines at the correct camera angle.

Technology Test
Whether you are using a laptop, desktop, or tablet – make sure to check your technology is in full working order in advance of the interview. This includes your audio, video, and Wi-Fi quality.

Dress Code
Dressing to impress implies in all circumstances and video interviews are no different. Okay, you generally will only show the top half, but who wants to risk the camera falling or you standing up for the interviewer to see your PJ’s? Now that would not make the best impression, question marks would be raised about your professionalism and commitment to the job. Not only that but surveys show that your mindset will greatly improve by dressing professionally for your interview.

If you were to prioritise the importance of all features in a video interview, then audio would be at the top. Sure, your video would be important, but there is nothing worse than crackly audio or background noise where the interview cannot understand what you’re saying. Investing in a sound cancelling headset with a built-in microphone is always one of the best options.

Eye Contact / Body Language
Again no different, but looking into the interviewers eyes on your screen when your webcam is 10 feet above will look like your looking at the floor! Ensure your camera is facing you directly in close proximity to the display.

If you are nervous about your first video interview, why not practise with me? Drop me an email here and we can arrange a video chat where you can practise, setup your kit in the right location and I can give some feedback.


Tom Back