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Looking for a full time job should be YOUR full time job!

Looking for a full time job should be YOUR full time job!

Posted by Daniel Franklin on 16/10/2020
Job Search

​As we approach the end of the original Furlough scheme, more and more people will find themselves seeking employment. A position that for some will be a shock, others anticipated but for the majority it will have been a long while since they looked for a new job and potentially outside of an industry they had recently worked in.

The world has changed when it comes to searching for a new role and right now its harder then ever, here at Priority we have created a supporting guide to those who are now looking for work, it is an unbiased support aid to cover everything form creating a CV, where to look for work and what type of interview you may have to attend.

If you are unemployed or facing unemployment this guide will help you. keep positive, and treat looking for a job as a full time job from day one! 8 hours a day 5 days a week, its tough and will continue to be tough, but its what you need to do to find a role in the current climate and will be the attitude you need to stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

Check out this fantastic document with advice on searching, applying for jobs by Daniel Franklin:

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