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The Story so far into QSR & Coffee with Priority….

The Story so far into QSR & Coffee with Priority….

Posted by on 2/01/2019
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As a consultancy, we are showing some real growth in our market and are fast becoming the go-to agency when it comes to supporting recruiting campaigns across all levels within the Quick Service Restaurant & Coffee sector. Proudly, I will add a lot of this has been by recommendation!

Why? well, mainly because of the reason I sought out and contacted Priority for my next career move. Simply I believe the reason being we have the freedom as a culture and business to focus on just doing a great job and striving to leave anyone we deal with thinking we are real ‘Goodfellas’ rather than recruitment ‘gangsters’ aggressively chasing quick fees at any cost! Does this still go on I hear you say? Yes! it does as many of our clients have shared their ‘gangster’ agent encounters which aren’t pretty tales believe me!

Honestly, how could you be taken seriously and really gain credibility to be able to grow and take over the service sector if you don’t reflect the values of the brands you partner with? There is an S in QSR which is there for a reason which we haven’t ever forgotten about!

We do expect the same S to also apply coming back to us from the clients we look to partner with by the way…. To work beautifully, it really must be a two-way thing this recruitment stuff!

We are in this together…

Things seem certainly ‘on the up’ for all of us working within the Quick Service & Coffee sector, whether the myriad of growing and emerging new brands themselves, franchisee’s and even us recruiters! However, there are of course the challenges that have always been there within our sector… and how could we forget about the new one on the horizon with some idea of ‘going it alone’ as a country with Brexit and bringing with it the panic of potentially cutting out some of a fabulous and well-respected workforce!


Mike Shipley, Analytics and Insight and Fourth has echoed this… “This further reveals our industry’s reliance on foreign workers, particularly in the restaurant and quick service restaurant sectors, as well as back-of-house roles. Among the many challenges our industry faces, people are often listed as the biggest concern and ensuring a pragmatic immigration system after Brexit, along with a conscious, combined and concerted effort to attract young UK talent into the industry, is imperative.”


Addressing the perception of the QSR & Coffee sector as a career of choice is something, we feel passionate about being involved within when being a true ambassador for our clients and their brands. Recruiting from store level positions all the way up to board level, time and time again the opportunity is clear to see that many of the senior leadership teams started at the bottom and have been able to carve out highly successful (and lucrative) careers from some of the salary levels I recruit at. As one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK providing real fast track opportunities, where is the bad in that?

Don’t forget though, once we dedicated recruiters find these fabulous people, companies we work so hard to represent need to ensure their internal culture and values continues to engage and retain them in the business. Seriously, I have heard tragic tales of disaster with this going very wrong when I ask, “why are you looking to leave your current role?” Let’s not kill this shift in perceptions stone dead!


Changes seem very much to be on the horizon with some of our clients who are really beginning to challenge their own culture and taking a good look at how they look to attract the best people (this is where we come into this!) and retaining those people via embedding a true people focus and development element into what they do. In my opinion and the consensus of many recent senior leadership candidates we placed, the most success and growth has been shown by true ‘people people’ that have brought this mindset and really helped inject a real passion and shape the culture of these companies and franchises operators.


Refreshingly I have seen a recent shift in some client briefs on this and we are being asked increasingly to be headhunting people based primarily on their results from bringing those values rather than only a career history of ‘like for like’ brand backgrounds. It’s great sometimes to see someone get truly excited, engaged and performing well in a new Operations, Store, Area Manager or Director role within a QSR or Coffee brand whose last role could have been within companies from more retail centric backgrounds and service sectors

Is that somewhere toward the shift in perception of the industry starting to turn more heads as to the real long -term career potential?

We will continue to be helping the cause and work together to ensure to great people are attracted into and continue their careers with QSR & Coffee brands!


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