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Why I hate Recruiters

Why I hate Recruiters

Posted by on 20/07/2018

"Business is not just about making money, and if you think it is, you’re broken”

Gary Vaynerchuk “Crush It”

Why I hate Recruiters

Chris Thomson (Recruiter)

Closely followed by is your recruiter a friend or a foe?  OK it’s my sector so for those that haven’t already switched off; THANK YOU!  Also check out what my colleague Donna says about that here

What I mean is; my immediate priority is not to take your money.  I can see you are probably paying too much to an agency and not getting anything like the service you should be getting but is it my place to tell you that?  Would you even listen?  Probably not but to move this blog along and get to the point (so its not just another recruiter rambling) the above statement from Gary Vee must be applicable if you are to be a success running, operating or owning a business, end of story (and if you don’t know who Gary Vee is and you are working anywhere in the world just now then please for the sake of my sanity please go check him out; try here for example as a start).

Now, you might be looking at me like this just now (cue confused clipart person to the right of this page), I don’t know I cannot see you but let’s get one thing straight.  I am a Recruitment CONSULTANT.  The Oxford English dictionary defines a Consultant as;

“a person who provides expert advice professionally.”

An expert is defined as;

“Having or involving a great deal of knowledge or skill in a particular area.”

And professional is defined as;

“A person engaged or qualified in a profession.”


Let me break this down for you in different terms.  Would you hire a Recruitment Consultant to fix your washing machine?  If the answer is no (unsurprisingly; apart from those that are laughing at me right now with their ironic ‘yes’ vote).

So why exactly would you not hire a Recruitment Consultant to fix your washing machine?

Is it maybe because they are not the EXPERT, PROFESSIONAL washing machine fixer?

I don’t even need to ask if you are giving me the ‘Duh?’ face just now do I?

The question is this; if you wouldn’t hire a Recruitment Consultant to fix your washing machine then why would you think to hire one to find candidates for specific, difficult roles you cannot fill yourself?  (You possibly don’t have time, the resource, the network or maybe you need that Consultant to help you figure out exactly what that role is and how much you should be paying that person?).  After all; your Recruitment Consultant is ‘a person who provides expert advice professionally’ aren’t they?  Or is the first thing they want your money and are they even an EXPERT in your sector; how do they back that up?  Are they even acting professionally from the first point of contact?


The answer unfortunately is likely to be NO, NO, NO, NO and NO!  That is why you don’t respond to me, that is why everybody talks about the industry as something they have just stepped in but no one in recruitment seems to want to address this very simple issue currently choking my industry and giving it a bad name; if your Recruitment Consultant is not an expert in your field of business and if they do not act professionally then find one of the good guys (if doesn’t have to be me) that will give you expert advice (for free) and if you wish for us to source on roles (because we have the candidates at our fingertips) then yes, we will charge you for this because guess we are a business and we want to grow (as you grow) and perhaps more importantly we want a long term symbiotic relationship with you (and we won’t charge you the earth – FYI).  Also, in case you didn’t get the message; we are QUALIFIED to be Recruitment Consultants and we love our jobs!


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