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Improved Job Alerts

Improved Job Alerts

Posted by Kieron Smithson on 27/04/2018
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Job Alerts Just Got Better

We have recently made some changes to our Job Alert Function, making them more specific and therefore more beneficial to you.

This blog will help you to update your profile, fine tuning your Job Alerts to maximise benefit. 


Firstly you need to be registered.... If you aren't it doesn't take long and is pretty simple - But for a step by step guide check out this blog

Login (opens in a new window)

1) Setup your location:  

Click "Edit Account Details" under your profile image.   Update your location (this should be your desired working location).  This will auto-suggest once you type in a few letters.  This will be your "default" location, however you can setup Job Alerts in multiple locations if needed.  

2) Create a Job Alert:

From Your Account scroll down to Job Alerts.  Don't worry about "I want to receive job alerts daily" - This is default wording, we currently only send twice a week. 

Type in a job title (it will auto suggest ones we use), Location (auto suggest as before) and then choose the relevant sector.  Leave the final box as Permanent.  Click the blue button and your are done! 

3) Job Searches become Job Alerts: 

It is really easy to turn your Job Searches into Job Alerts.  Simply head over to the Search page, perform the search and whether it returns 10 results or 0, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, with just one click you can turn that search into an alert.  Simple!

4) Delete old Job Alerts: 

You might have some old job alerts from before the upgrades, just click the red crosses to delete.

That's it - You should now receive relevant job roles on Tuesdays & Sundays.  Any questions, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.